A journey to Ibiza’s depth

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Just two minutes by car from Port of Sant Miquel you can visit a unique place rich in history, the coves of Can Marçà: They were developed about 100.000 years ago.

While we take a coffee, we talk with Alexis, the cove’s manager. He tells us that these coves where we now can enjoy a different walk, adorned by music, bright and colourful waterfalls, where a long time ago was used as refuge by alcohol and tobacco thieves and smugglers.


In the Seventies was the Belgian speleologist Jean Pierre Van der Abelle, accompanied by hotel promoters of the area, when they started to work in the coves for turning it into a safe place and open the doors to the public. After years of hard work, the time brought their fruits. Now is one of the places you must visit when you are in Ibiza.


We go into the 300 metres of path through the different galleries: We can outline the Buda temple, which receives its name thanks to a Pareidolia. There is a rock that seems to be the Buda’s face. Surrounding this temple, there are seagulls fossils that are dated in more than 2.000 years. We continue walking to the desire lakes under a soft coloured light. Following the tradition that began on the Sixties, we take a little coin and throw it into the lake while we make a wish: Jean Pierre designed this space in the cove. True or not, we left our coins there looking forward to make our desires come true.

If we would have to choose a moment to remember about our journey in the Coves of Can Marçà, we would stay at that time of colours and music while looking at the waterfalls. The water falling is perfectly combined with music and colours. We cannot forget the outdoors: There is a stunning viewpoint for appreciating the Port de Sant Miquel, also known as Port de Balanzat.DSC_0735We can contemplate as well the Murada Island, where by my own experience it is difficult to know who owns the mansion built in the centre of this little island. We tried it asking the locals and we found those answers: Owner is a rich Russian, Madonna, the president of the Catalan football team…I think we will leave this unknown question for the next journey to Sant Miquel.

More than 60.000 year visits. Open from 10.30am to 1.30pm and from 2.30 to 8pm. You can start your trip into the deep every 45 minutes (the path takes 40 minutes) and guided visits in different languages. If you still didn’t visit the coves, do not miss this complete show.



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