ART: Madame Dalí

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Madame Dali writes her paintings in the style of surrealism, continuing the work of the great genius of the last century,the great painter Salvador Dali.

Her pictures are rampant flight of fantasy, surrealism, she put on a new stage of development. Despite the phantasmagoric, distorted the style of the presentation of its expression, her paintings somehow quite familiar to everyone, they will be able to touch, melt or initiate any heart. In her paintings she gets out of the subconscious hidden image. She combines seemingly completely incompatible things, destroys the laws of nature and physics. Monstrous chaos images, RSS monsters, paradoxical offset meanings, which are filled with works by Dali, embody the “sleep of reason”Express “madness” of this world.

Born in Russia in a poor family,she childhood felt a responsibility, but what was this responsibility she had no idea. Being a gifted child ,she could be all that it took was a favorite pastime she believed drawing.

When she went into adulthood, life is ordered to forget drawing. The years went by,but a sheet of paper was empt…
All these years she tried to find herself, but as it happens often,we do not want to notice obvious. And only her meeting with your beloved, with the Muse of her soul, helped her get inside them selves. He as no one else in her life believed in her genius…

Having arrived on Ibiza, some unseen force had seized the whole of it,and after some time, burst out. She saw pictures of genius Salvador Dali in 18 years,she was surprised, but never even suspected that she herself is surrealism.

All her world is surrealism. When her husband was interested in reading about the life of Salvador Dali, he advised her to read this book After reading it, she started to see Dali in dreams. First he came not often,but once she started her first job on the wall of 35 meters in length and 3 in height ,her dreams had become a solid surreal world. The spirit of the great genius Salvador Dali fed these dreams are incredibly life pictures. As she would say, some time later : “I am Dali”… Dali, means in the Russian language is very far away. Where is there where we do not see what is happening behind the horizon.


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