ART: Andrés Iglesias – Music Photographer Ibiza

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I’m freelance photographer since 2013, so I can take holidays whenever I want, although when I want I never can. My speciality is live music and everything that surrounds the exciting world of entertainment. This has taken me working for festivals, from rock to electronic music, meeting musicians from all over the world.

About my job, the best way to explain it is through my pictures. About the photographer, it’s not only about carrying the camera all the day hanging from the strap. It’s about a way of seeing, strolling around and getting that light without bumping into something. It’s about a conversation with the person that you will portray. It’s about worlds outside of your, knowing from the inside what’s surrounding us. There are many reasons for being a photographer, that change, appear and disappear forever or come back. But there is one thing that I want to make perfectly clear: I can only be a photographer.

How did you develop your passion for photography?

Even I was fascinated by the landscapes and the light of Ibiza and it obliged me to buy a camera, my inquisitiveness started long before. Something latent and unconscious. I found in Ibiza the answer to this need, this inner desire to do something: photography

Who influenced your beginning, who was your source of insipiration? And nowadays?

At the beginning I didn’t have any knowledge about photography, neither mentor or a path, nor goals. I simply wanted to count on what I saw through my camera.  I am still without great references. I can only admire a photographers’ qualities,I admire some innate talents, or their black&white technique, or the visual poetry of their pictures, or their simple everyday life, or who knows very well how to sell himself in a good way despite his bad pictures…

Black and white predominates in your pictures, Why?

When I’m asked that I always remember the London Calling cover page, or The Clash photo, or Pennie Smith’s picture. Despite it’s out of focus, shaky, with noise, this is an iconic picture representing a whole generation. It’s a picture with strength and in black and white.

I’ve always preferred black and white pictures, as they are timeless, more personal, to emphasize the artist, getting him out of those colourful lights.

Do your ideas come from with previous research or emerge naturally?

Most of my ideas come from large trips with my car listening to music. I would say you that they merge “naturally” after a previous study.

Ideas usually are influenced by other pictures you saw. If someone would say the opposite, is lying. I spend all day watching pictures, classical books by great photographers, I surf on Instagram, blogs, I read articles about photography, watching documentaries about photography of course or about a photographer, talking with other professional mates. So you take what you like and get it in your job. Or you see a photo and say “Wow”, I would like to do so, but black and white.

Do you remember your first camera?

I like to tell this story: my first camera was sent me by my grandmother from Urugay. It was a canon AE-1 that she bought during a trip in Miami the same year I was born. That camera and me at the same time in my family. I joined a basic course about how to use it with that camera. I bought my first black and white roll, a Hilford Delta 3200, bought in Foto Raymar shop. Even before I bought a compact camera Nikon whose name escapes me, despite not feeling a photographer as the other one.

An artist you photographed. What impressed you the most?

I must be frank and say that I was negatively impressed as I stood in shock without taking photos during 30 seconds as those artists were singing raggaeton. I looked around and I asked myself what the fuck I was doing here with my camera. It’s just a thing. On the bright side I will give you an example. Once I worked in a festival in Barcelona with Lenny Kravitz as the headliner. It was really awesome. I was close to an international artist as Lenny Kravitz thanks to my job.

What’s your favourite place in Ibiza to take pictures?

I would rather say you: winter

What’s your goal in your career as photographer?

Goals are always changing. At the beginning I had unattainable goals that I achieved. Rather than talking about goals, we should speak about wishing to advance. Being a better photographer than yesterday, the results will come in if you work hard. I would say you that my goal is: have always purposes to be carried out.

And the last question. What piece of advice would you like to give future photographers and their beginning?

There are no secret formulas. I meet professional mates in the same place but from very different ways. You have to know yourself, taking lot of pictures, seeing lot of pictures, searching for what you most like and working on it when you find it, till achieving the results you was looking for.

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