ART: Interview with Jull Dziamski

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What do you remember about your first work?

J: My first work of art was when I was about 7-8 years old, small wood carvings and grey soap.

Where is Julles’ inspiration born?

J: My head is full of ideas, my surreal world and my way of being has its roots in Poland. By our specific way of being and looking at the world – from the point of view of the political situation at the time – I created  surrealistic and  fantasies full of images far from the real world so grey and hopeless in Poland, 80.

Who has been your best inspiration?

J: René Magritte, “L’EMPIRE DES LUMIÈRES”.

We know that you are a painter and sculptor, What is the maximum time you have spent working on a single art piece?

J: I work very fast and very effectively. The sculptures take a lot of time, take many days, even weeks to complete them. It takes a couple of weeks to finish large murals such as the Bodega Marqués de Carrión in La Rioja – 9000 m2 as a total work, plus the façade. I have made large cruise ships with works of up to 900 m2 like Aida and Carnival Breeze.

What artists have influenced your life?

J: Certain surrealists like Dalí, Magritte, Chirico, Fornasetti, Beksinski… and now my favorite is Jonas Burgert from Berlin.

What were the greatest difficulties you have found along your way as an artist?

J: Acceptance in the Western world where I live and the recognition that one wants to live on art, but at the same time not be commercial which I have achieved. I paint and create sculptures without influences or fashion phenomena, I am always faithful to my style and my ideas – and I can live with it.

If you had not chosen to be an artist…

J: There is no other option, I was born as an artist and I can not be anything else.

When did you arrive you to Ibiza? What made you decide to stay here?

J: I’ve been in Ibiza since 1996 – it was love at first sight – I looked at the island and I moved from Hamburg, where I had lived for 17 years. Ibiza is ideal for artists, and  the way of life continues today.

What projects are you currently working on?

J: At the moment I have made a very large sculpture of 5 meters high for Bucharest / Romania and another for my gallery in polinia “Julls Art Gallery” in Canpol / Czluchow. Simultaneously in Ibiza I made the stage for the opera “Falstaff” staged by Armin Heinemann at the Palacio de Congresos de Santa Eulària

What do you want to transmit with your works?

J: My art is full of fantasy with hidden messages, the viewer must seek and interpret them … and at the same time be inspired at all levels of his life.

How do you see the world of contemporary art today?

J: Unfortunately the commercial world has made art a real “sales object” to sell fast and expensive. Most works of art are simply colored with no sense of adaptation to their environment, without artistic message. However, there are some artists who work in a very sophisticated way with good technique and their works have a great content with very demanding and spectacular images such as those of the artist Jonas Burgert.

And last, what would you advise to those who begin in this complex world of art?

J: Do not be influenced by the world of commercial art and remain faithful to your own ideas and fantasies. With much effort and dedication, not in the economic sense but by public recognition – this is the true thing that one can achieve. The economic part, if one is good enough, comes by itself.


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