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What do you think about Ibiza 2014?

Great one! Maybe not in terms of overall frequentation, but you can really start to see the results of the mutation the island has been going though these last few years.

Ibiza is much more open to all different electronic genre than ever; fragmentation of the market and growing wealthy customer base pushes promoters to be more original and qualitative with their events. Change is good!

We saw you playing in really good gigs and you are starting to be one of the most interesting artists in Ibiza… How has summer been for you?

I love summer! For DJs it means, festival time, lots of outdoor parties, lots of people happy to be on holiday and lots a chicks in bikini! The only downside of being of it is that summer means intensive travelling, i.e less time to actually be enjoying time with my family… but being a DJ is I think the best job in the world, so let’s no complain, that is a small price to pay.

You played in a monthly residency at Blue Marlin but you also managed to play at El Row, Ants, We Love, Reverse, Lio…. Do you have to adapt your sets for each place?

Blue Marlin Ibiza has indeed a more VIP/elite targeted audience. They’ve been building it from scratch with success for 10 years. But they have come to realize the last few years that their customer base is actually not more attracted to the commercial electronic music sound, like EDM, than to the underground stuffs. I started playing for them last year on their Sunday event and it went really good. So they decided this year to push it to the next level by booking only underground acts all summer long, Uner, Steve Lawler, Tiefschwarz, Uto Karem, Chus & Ceballos, Luna City Express, Dosem and so on. No EDM or commercial bullshit at all. And it’s starting to pay-off for them big time. Their customers spend more, they’re getting better recognition, more frequentation, etc… Name me any of these Ibiza elite venue, aside Blue Marlin, that actually do program cool music all week long, without any crappy commercial DJs. And they are above all very lovely people to work with. Their Sunday events are off the hook, and while I’d play a little bit less techno than what I usually play at Reverse or We Love for example, the Technasia style, the vibe and the energy remais the same. I actually never liked to be tagged with a particular genre. Yes I love to play Techno, but I’m also able to do the same exploding sets with house or tech-house sets. I don’t necessarily play the same kind of music at Berghain than at Blue Marlin, but that’s Technasia, take it or leave it. The audience seems to enjoy what I do, in all different aspects or styles of my music, so fuck it! Why should I bother playing the same fucking stuff everywhere. I’ve never liked these DJs playing their highway sound from beginning to end of their set, all year long, without any consideration of the audience in front of them, because they don’t wanna make any compromise with them, to keep their “artistic integrity”…

What are your preferred places in the island?

For eating, the fish shack is one of my favorite. I also love the Blue Marlin Marina breakfasts which is served until 18 h, quite useful at times in Ibiza. For partying, Space remains me to my opinion one of the top world venue and definitely my #1 in Ibiza.

What´s your relationship with Reverse? What do you think about Reverse Ibiza at Vista club?

Reverse is one of the best techno party in Madrid, and in Spain most probably, hosted every Friday at the Sala Riviera. They’ve had pretty much every popular name the scene has to offer, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Sven Vath, Ben Klock, Maceo Plex, Dubfire, just to name a very few. I’ve been playing for the guys for quite a while now, something like two years, and we got along very well since the beginning, music and work wise. So when they told me they were starting a new Ibiza adventure, I told them “I’m in, fellas!” 

You are doing a new concept that its being really popular: Technasia B2B UNER. How did you start with this?

B2B have a very special diynamic, different that when you play on your own. UNER and I have been friends for quite a while now, we share the same bookings and management agency (Alex Montoya). We play different styles but in a similar way. We tried the b2b first at my bday party in Miami last March,and our combination of the two styles was off the hook, and it all felt very natural between us two. Maybe because we are both bald.

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