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What was the process behind constructing your “Balearica 2014” album? Talk about the record and tell us what is your favorite track on it?

Balearica is a summer project where we deliver the most musical, organic and sensitive side of us. The main goal is to spread the word about the rhythms and melodies that Ibiza inspires us every year, a reflection of the experiences that people around the world lives when they come to the island. Everything in our country turns around the Mediterranean culture, are all connected, art, food and music. Every single tracks in the compilation are special, they all have been selected with love, but if we had to choose only one, that will be ‘Soledad’, a collaboration with our dear friend the Italian producer Leonardo Gonnelli, a real talent to look forward in the next years. ‘Soledad’ has become in no time one of the most rated tracks in Ibiza, with the support of artists like Carl Cox, who received the track exclusively in Miami during WMC 2014 and has not stopped to play it since. Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati, Solomun, Nic Fanciulli, Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones, Nicole Moudaber, Mark Knight and Roger Sanchez to name but a few, are supporting the track in their sets. We are extremely happy.

Ibiza’s summer parties get bigger and bigger each year, what have your events been like?

This year we had the opportunity to play for the firWst time at the famous beach club Blue Marlin on Sundays and it has been a revelation, we found a perfect place for us where the energy of the people and the magic of the place have been hooked us instead. Ibiza is about living in many ways and one of them is certainly the day parties and of course the sunsets, Blue Marlin is the perfect place to experiment a complete Balearic experience!

On August 17 we did the 10th anniversary of Blue Marlin and was an amazing party where we played for over 5 hours, people would not let us go and we were completely devoted to the euphoria of such an important celebration. the most fun? the number of bottles of champagne flying everywhere and many others that were used to shower the overheated on the dance floor ! Truth was crazy!

We also did the anniversary of Cafe Ole at Space, another of the great temples of the Ibiza nights.

You guys have a very unique tech-house and tribal sounds style, which is obviously why you’ve created a recognized name for yourselves, would you ever consider shifting away from that sound to experiment with other genres?

Our sound has continued to evolve over the years, but is a fact that we maintain our essence and the Iberican touch that identifies us, where percussion and rhythm are inseparable elements of our style (Ying Yang). It is important to have an identity and to be true to your principles. We consider ourselves music lovers and we like different styles, it’s something you can see on our sets where we move from deep house to techno easily. So this question if we like to experiment comes to the right time because after many years of singles and remixes, we are working on our very first artist album, where we are exploring new sounds and squeezing our heads to give our fans a new vision of Chus & Ceballos.

You guys love marathon sets, could you share some tips on how to face it?

To make a marathon set happens the more important thing is to know very well the club and the crowd, you have to feel comfortable and confidence with your audience, they are the ones who set the pace of the set. Second thing is to know very well your music and be prepared to put that particular track in that special moment to keep the attention and the excitement of your crowd, and of course, no hurries, mix downs and transitions have to be smooth, the musical selection must be well chosen and perfectly fitted and connected to enjoy for many hours. It’s essential to be well rested, being fit helps a lot since is a big physical effort and be careful with the alcohol, start slowly and keep the ‘shoots’ for the end (lol) or you won’t last much. So keep it  fresh for the journey through the music be as long and enjoyable as possible.

What are your plans for the coming months?

As we mentioned before, we are working on our first artist album, we’ve been remixing artists of all kinds and publishing singles in our own label Stereo Productions and other top labels for over 15 years but we strongly feel, that is about time to work on something very personal as the making of an album. We have approached it  from several points, we wanted to remake some of our classics, bringing them back to live with new versions, other tracks are completely originals and some others are new versions of songs that marked our career. There are also several vocals, something we are missing these days on electronic underground music, some people have forgotten the powerful of a song and the message. After many months we are in the process of finalizing it so we hope to present our new baby before the end of the year. Thanks for having us, see you all next year!

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