We Are launched the project in June 2013. Our publications are totally free and they are distributed around the whole island. Arrive to a higher number of people is a must for We Are so the magazine is published in Spanish and English. We also publish an online version at www.weareibizamagazine.es and our Facebook page contributes to promote the magazine.

We Are want s to contribute with your business for arriving to more public thanks to our convenient selection of Advertisement (printed and online versions).


Next summer 2015 we are going to launch 4 monthly publications, 5.000 copies per month, from June to September-October. The magazine is distributed the first days of each month in crowded places as Ibiza’s airport, Formentera station, the port, beaches and partner restaurant and local businesses.


Publish Ads in Media is a big investment for your business. We are offers you cheap prices in different versions, so you can choose which Ad is more convenient to you. The magazine is known by its fresh design that attracts the attention of you public.


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