Interview: Cristian Varela

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Polifaceted artist with a large professional career that leaves signs in your CV as DJ, producer, composer, promoter and businessman. With which one of these attributions do you feel more identified in this moment?

CV-With all of them, but especially with the composer and dj ones.

As you are, certainly, one of the great Spanish Ambassador  of Techno music, you are primarily known for electronic music, even if your works embrace a wider spectrum. Which other works define you better as an artist outside the world of electronic music?

CV-Especially i had the honour of composing for the Vargas Llosa’s work “Ojos Bonitos” that has been adapted for theatre with the great actor Manolo Tejada.  I’m also pleased with the work “La Pedrea” of the film “El Clavo de Oro” directed by one of our best Spanish directors, Antonio Del Real, and transmitted by Telemadrid.  Soon, will be broadcasted from TVE.  But certainly I see a better reflection of myself in my last experimental work, that is receiving many good reviews, Valera Concept.

Since the beginning of your debut in electronic music, like  as Dj or a producer, the way to make music and the lives have been changed a lot at the pace of technology. What kind of  systems do you currently use to develop your creations?

CV-For many years I have been using Pro Tools for mixing and mastering. For creation I feel more confortable with Logic, and Ableton Live is a great tool forlives.

Which new technology would you like to add to your lives?

CV-As Dj I always like mixing in my lives the technology of cdj2000 Nexus and Djm900 Nexus of Pioneer with my dear plates Technics, even if I am looking forward to try the Pioneers ones. Also, since many years ago, I’m introduced the touch system EMULATOR. Sometimes, although very rarely, I introduceTraktor., despite being the first artist that made the presentation of the first prototype of the Final Scratch (currently Traktor) in the Sonar festival in Spain.

Your label Pornographic Recordings is celebrating 15 years. What kind of events are listed in your schedule to celebrate this anniversary?

CV-For the time of being we started in Paris 15 (Malaga) and WOW (Granada), but we are confirming great dates worldwide for this 2015 with lots of artists of the label.Cristian-Varela-002

During the celebration of the 15th anniversary of your label, you have published a 4 volume memorial series. Which part of the essence of Pornographic Recordings did you want to capture and transmit through these works?

CV-I always look for deep, powerful sounds, keeping the Techno soul and of course fighting for the most pure underground sound.

This has been done in cooperation with some of the eminent names of the electronic music world as Carl Cox, Bailey, Uto Karem or Ken Ishii, among others. What has this exchange of styles provided to the identity of Pornographic Recordings?

CV-Lot of wealth . Nowadays the Techno music is very varied and is in a very good shape.

I think that the combination of the best representatives of each strand that  the contemporary Techno music must have, gave a wonderful compilation for this 15th anniversary of Pornographic Rec. Varela Concept is something new that goes beyond the usual music project. Can you please describe us your new way of expresión?

CV-Is a mix of all the music knowledge I have studied and learnt in almost 30 years of career as composer and 24 as Dj. Through this job I try to appeal to the more sensitive people trying to protect our planet and all of species living in it. There are lot of people that have realized how much damage is caused by the human being to our home, THE EARTH, but unfortunately many others don’t want to be aware due to slackness or egoism. If everyone can do his part, we can save lots of endangered species included doing unthinkable things. Never is too late.

Your relationship with the white island will be , certainly, charged of memorable performances but.. Can you name one performance that has left you an unforgettable memory in your mind?

CV-Certainly the first year that Carl Cox invited me to one of his Carl Cox & Friends sessions in the Space discotheque in 2006. My performance was just before his closure and he himself invited me to do a Back to Back together for the first time. I think that was the first time that Carl did a b2b with someone, or even if it wasn’t the first time, it was amazing. To the point of repeating every year every time I was mixing with him and according to the public they have been the best and the strongest session that have been heard in a long time. Included he and I mentioned it in different magazines and of course it’s a pleasure for me that someone like him values my job as Dj also as a producer. Soon, also my new album will go on sale under the INTEC label. On an international level.

Which event do you remember especially?

CV-Without doubt my first performance in Japan.  It took place in the mythical Liquid Room of Tokyo in 2000 and a Dj was doing a special performance with 4 plates for the first time. I will never forget that crowded club with its great public and the feeling of being on a different planet.

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