Interview: Hot Since 82

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So, as we are in Ibiza, When was your first time in Ibiza and what do you remember about it?

HS – I remember everything actually, being a veteran now. This is my seventeenth year in the island so obviously I came here for the first time with ten of my best friends in 2000, to see how would turn the millennium. All in high school, very optimistic about the future ahead and yeah it was the best time ever and actually, still the best holiday I’ve ever had. It was amazing. and back then in Ibiza, there wasn’t really any laws. it was law less. There wasn’t really any laws, the island was literally lawless, You could do anything we want. So yeah, we’ve enjoyed it and came back ever since. I’m 34 now so like if I was 17 then, I’ve spent half of my life coming here, haven’t I? So it really is the place I would call home away from home.

So as a DJ why do you feel it’s important to be in Ibiza, and play out there?

HS – I guess, I mean it’s “The Mecca” of dance music I guess. If you wanna be a DJ and being taken seriously, you have to make it here in Ibiza. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do, something I was inspired to and now I have my own label at Pacha, amazing! It’s funny because David Morales is playing now and I used to watch David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Hector Romero… I used to be on the dance floor and now I book these guys.

Just coming back to the labels, can you describe the kind of sound you would release on your label?

HS – People ask me about these styles and stuff like that all the time. I’ve never been really fixed on styles. If you really want to get down to a label, Ok Disco merging with techno music now I guess but with the labels, the emphasis isn’t really on styles but quality I guess. If someone’s sending me a record I like, I sign it. It doesn’t have to be this, It doesn’t have to be that, it doesn’t have to be intended, I hate trends, I think it’s bullshit so yeah if it’s good… What’s the old term? ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ If I like it, I like it. I don’t care about trends but ultimately I like to sign records that I am gonna play on my DJ set, I play to the crowd and if it had managed here, I sign it.

And then like every Fridays at Pacha, you have for instance like Erik Morillo or David Morales, is there every Friday designed for an audience or so is it like kind or more lined up?

HS – I did’nt realised how much it was lined up until I saw it on paper so it’s a pretty mature lined up and I guess that reflects the age in the island but ultimately the line up represents, there is not too many new talents on here. I just wanted to book people that  I personally really enjoyed to. It wasn’t about new talents selling tickets, I have no interest in selling tickets but something built on purely good quality music and that was it’s all about. There is no new hotshot so to make long short, it’s built on Love.

Do you remember the first ever rave you’ve went to?

HS  Yeah I used to start listening rave music in 89 from my Dad who used to be a mega raver and the very first time I went to a rave, was 14 at the local club in Barnes called Regent’s Park at that time. I used to go there with friends I remember stealing my older brother ID and I used to be super high.

There’s a lot of things we all love about Ibiza, is there anything you do actually dislike being on the island?

HS – Like I mentioned earlier, there was no laws. You could do anything you want, playing music wherever you want but I understand the people living here, having their homes. The island was getting trashed and you need to take care of it. The island is going in a very different direction now. It has always been very expensive now but even more now. When I first came, I used to come here for two weeks now we can stay here for two weeks, no one can afford that but three, four days… €25 for a vodka&coke, who can afford that? I hate that part of Ibiza. It’s too expensive. I still enjoy coming here.

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