Hippy Market

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It was the 70’s, Ibiza at that time hadn’t still known the electronic music neither the big parties, a young Pacha would open the gates starting the way that soon would follow the other discos. But it was still too early, the spirit and the hippy life style made the most hidden corners of the island beat, refuge for freedom for many that at that time decided starting which is converted during the next years into one of the famous and representative sides of the white island.

The hippy markets, where a large numbers of craftspeople come from different place of the world, dedicated to a range of artisanal discipline. They started to sell unique artworks hand made with which lots of tourists came home after visiting this paradise, bringing with them a little piece of the essence of Ibiza. So they started to increase and, years later, multiplying on several places of the island, attracting more and more people interested in that nice works and in the delightful atmosphere surrounding that places, where the improvised rhythm of the drums, adorning with a new life style the history on Ibiza, the last refuge for the hippies.

It’s been many  years till 2008, the island has changed, the big public took Ibiza. The discos attracted thousands of people every year, possessed by the hedonistic spirit that has always marked this place. And the mastication with that.

Hippy Market

But the tourist boom has bring new problems, as the case of Playa d’en Bossa, that converted it as a dark place where criminals and undesirables could do HACER DE LAS SUYAS A SUS ANCHAS. That was the case of the urban area located at the crossroad “Carrer Bruc” and “Carrer la Ruda”, a place into the center of Playa d’en Bossa with many unused opportunities. So the same year the market hippy were permanently seated in this place, filling the streets with lights, with life, and bringing security, revitalizing the business area and giving back the glory to that streets.

Walking through market stalls, you can find a wide offer of local crafts, interesting objects as home made jewelry, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, hippy flower heabands, as Ibiza clothes, or design more clubber for the party-lovers, hand made leather and wood works, swimwear, calligraphic pen, hats and a long etc. In fact you can also leave the market with a body painting on your skin, or with an original hairstyle. It’s a perfect place for having a walk after a nice day on the beach or whetting your appetite before having your dinner.

During July Ibiza will be filled by color and the rainbow flag will dress the island. The

“Gay Pride” event will come back and take the street of the island and the Hippy Market of Playa d’en Bossa has prepared an event with a special decoration paying tribute to gay pride with flags and carpets. Also a performance of a Drag Queen and deejay playing good music will be on the market.

The event will take place the 9th of July from 7:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m

You can visit daily the market from May to September from 18:00h to 00:00h.


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