Interview Alex Montoya

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Alex Montoya, one of the great personalities of  the music industry in our country, the main promoter of professionalizing of the electronic Spanish stage.

-What abaut your beginning in this musical genre?

AM– I started working as a public relation giving flyers on the street on 1999 during my university days. It was a coincidence that after 3 years this work has led me in different companies that managed the Madrid night-time (head of public relation, promoter, artistic director…). I think it was the best for my career passing throw every of these works and being familiar with the job of everyone.

-What do you consider to be your main contribution to the national environment ?

AM– As professional of this sector, I’m trying to improve my skills day by day learning from the best ones (colleagues, books, artists), be honest and take my job seriously. Unfortunately this industry is too unbusinesslike and I have the intention of showing my English colleagues that Spain has a great level. I’m quite radical. If I see that someone does something wrong in this industry, I close every kind of collaboration. If someone gives something good, he can count on us (charity events or projects, free masterclasses…)

-One of the key steps during your professional career is the leap to our island. How long have you been here and what are you recently doing in ibiza?

AM– I started traveling Ibiza 12 years ago and I left to live since 5 years. I currently represent my artists (marketing, promotions, lines up…). On the other hand I work for Blue Marlin Ibiza as talent a buyer together with the Directors of the club (a job that I love). I am the promoter of Reverse Ibiza and shareholder of the magazine Dj Mag Spain.

-How is it being a manager, booking agency and a promoter? Which is the key to handle such huge successfully fronts?

AM– In my opinion this job would be impossible without passion. Is a job 24/7. I learnt the way of handling it after years. Planning all the year for the artists not to invent new projects each moment making you crazy. You have to be clear and transparent with them. Also maintain good relationship with promoters and don’t lie to them (provide the correct  information they need on this matter about music according to the type of club they manage), and especially building a great team to be able to work (only if possible).

-Let’s talking about your artists and what you bring to their careers.

AM- I’m currently handling the management of Cristian Varela, Chus+Ceballos, Dosem, Mendo, Technasia, UNER. I have a unique perspective of working, planning the calendar of the year for the long term. We are concerned with our followers and how to tell them a nice story. We also manage the promotion and marketing of each event and how it will be a successfully party. We have a defined timeline, where we are supposed to be and where not. So we know how to reach our goals as well as them and my team by our side.

-You are a restless person, always with new interesting projects.

Can you anticipate anything about them?

AM– We have currently several ideas swimming around our heads: from the creation of a specialized press agency here in Ibiza, a charity event to raise money for this Island,  to a production academy.

-What’s missing and what’s a surplus in electronic music in our country?

AM- It’s plenty of hackers and it needs more supports from the institutions. Politicians have to understand that young people of today are what they listen. This is their lifestyle. The electronic music is not the guilty and we have to learn from other developed countries instead of investing in bullfights and other celebration that threaten the nature.

-How do you see the future of the Ibiza scene?

AM– I was reading an article the other day titled “The big lie of Ibiza in June” that perfectly resumes what is happening. You can see more people in the Island but a lack of energy in the events, the same for many businesses. There is also impatience for organizing after parties and beach-bars without license, or beach clubs which activity is not  registered and people stop paying 50 euros for a club. We passed from 5/6 events underground in 2011 (Cocoon, Carl Cox, Vagabundos, DC10…) to 2/3 per night.

Thanks to an increased supply against a  lower demand, the promoters are giving anything for free,so people could go and make a picture in a full club. If this continues, I anticipate that most of labels will disappear and other ones will emerge every year. What makes me happy is that there are several Spanish promoters all over the island and we are going to keep this good level of job.

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