Interview Chelina Manuhutu

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-Hello Chelina. We all know that you come from the world of fashion, parading for Victoria’s Secret and now one of the coolest name’s in Ibiza. Can you introduce yourself and let us know more about you?

CHELINA– Hello! I’m Chelina Manuhutu a DJ and Producer from Amsterdam, i started with music professionally in 2011 and went to Ibiza straight away for some time to explore music and to develop myself.

Music has always been a important part of me and cannot life without it. I started modeling really young and due my successful career (flying around the world every week) I couldnt invest time at all in the music.

But in 2011 I found a studio in Amsterdam and I decided to put all my energy here.

I love to play and make Tech house, Techno music from the start with a lot of bass, deepsounds, funk and percussions.

-Can you tell us how your relationship with Magnum Bookings began?

CHELINA– That was funny. Last year they told me at Blue Marlin that they could have an agency for me but they were not sure since I was a model and they were one of the best underground agencies in Europe. The guys from the agency came to see me and they danced my set like crazy. I guess they saw the potential and they asked me if I want to you join them. Today they are doing my management and bookings worldwide.

-What does the experience of mixing in a location as Blue Marlin mean to you?

CM– Blue Marlin is one of the magical places that you still can taste in Ibiza. Its the first place where I started to play in Ibiza (before Pacha) and it’s a place where you can spend the whole day and forget the rutine. From breakfast till night.

-Which are your after-season planes and projects?

CM– I have to work in the studio and prepare some tracks for Pacha recordings and some compilations. I have a good calendar with gigs in Zurich, Barcelona, Madrid, Bucharest… its going to be an interesting winter.

-Relationship with Ibiza and your favorite places of the Island.

CM– Ibiza is the most music inspiring place of the world for me and i’m now signed at Magnumbookings, a great agency with one of the best artists worldwide

Now im really happy to be a resident DJ of the amazing underground party Solomon+1, every sunday at Pacha Ibiza and also

playing at the Blue Marlin Ibiza, some sundays at Showtime and the monthly Playboy editions, the Great Solomon pre party’s at Cafe Mambo Ibiza and other amazing places on this magical island.

So thats why you can find me in Ibiza.

-Do you feel more a deejay or a model?

CM– Modeling is a nice career of course and I’m really proud of work on this industry. But as I said before, music is my passion.

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