Interview: Eats Everything

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You had a very successful season in Ibiza last year. Has this had an effect on the growth of your career?

EE – I play there because I love the energy of the island not because it’s good for my career. Obviously playing in Ibiza is an important part of being a DJ and is the most exciting time of year for most of us as that’s where all your friends are. Every season it gets better and better, so hopefully that is a sign my career is doing well… I hope!

What is the best party you played on the island?

EE – They’re are all good in their own way, I loved playing with Carl Cox and I’ll never forget the Space parties. I love all my gigs in Ibiza and I’m lucky I get booked for so many different nights like Elrow, Paradise, Ushuaïa.. This year I’m playing at Hot Since 82’s party – Labyrinth at Pacha which is new for me, I’m back with Carl at Privilege, also Sasha’s & Digweeds new night Resistance.. the list goes on!

The sound of Ibiza has changed a lot over the years. Could you name us three artists that you feel represent the essence of Ibiza?

EE – Carl Cox of course, I don’t think there will be another artist that contributes as much to the island as he has over the past 20 years or so.



This summer is expected to be very different on the island with Hï, Carl Cox moving to Privilege and elrow to Amnesia. How do you feel about all the changes?

EE – Change is Change. Yes it was a bittersweet moment when Carl Cox closed Space, but things are always changing and it’s easier to go with the change than dwell on what it once was. I’m not going to be one of those people who continue to moan and groan about it all the time, as long as people are still enjoying the parties that is all that matters. Yes I miss the old Ibiza, but who doesn’t. 

You’ll be throwing an Edibles showcase during OFF Sonar with Richy Ahmed and Patrick Topping. Do you think there will ever be a Sonar Ibiza?

EE – Who knows what will happen but there’s so much going on in Ibiza already that I think Barcelona is the right place for them to be.


With your career growing so fast, would you like to host your own party in Ibiza?

EE – Of course! Who wouldn’t want too? That’s the goal one day.


Talk to us about your label Edible records, what are your future plans?

EE – I just want to keep providing a platform for upcoming talent to show their work. It’s been amazing to see artists like Elliott Adamson and Lord Leopard grow over the past year and to know that you helped in some way, it’s a great feeling. I remember when I was first handing out demos to all my favourite labels, it’s such a scary time, so having Edibles is making it just that bit easier for incredible talent to shine through.


We’re really happy to see an artist like yourself collaborating with the charity foundation Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. Can you tell us a bit about your project ‘Have A Drink With Us’?

EE – I’m really happy and excited to be an ambassador for such a worthy cause. ‘Have A Drink With Us’ aims to raise £30,000 to fund clean water projects in countries that need it most. It’s a basic human right at the end of the day. Raising that amount of money could literally benefit thousands of people and save lives, so I’m really pleased to team up with Last Night A DJ Saved My Life for this campaign. We’re so privileged as DJ and we all need to be doing more to try give back.

You’re both an incredible DJ and producer, how do you find the time to balance both?

EE – Haha thank you! I don’t think you can really call it balancing as producing usually gets put the side-line until I have time out of touring. Usually I spend my spare time with my wife and little boy as I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like too, so heading back to Bristol is always the first thing I do.

We are always on the hunt for new talent – who should we be keeping an eye on?

EE – Elliot Adamson! He is going to be a big star, his productions are so unique and he’s a crazy bastard! One of those weird-genius type of people. Also Lord Leopard, I just released an EP with him on Dirtybird! He’s a great mate of mine and was the first person to release on my edible label – it’s always great to work with Luke, we really bounce off each other in the studio.

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