Interview: Klaudio Greeko

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I grew up between the two Greek islands, Santorini & Mykonos and the music scene was already in ‘’the disco boom.’ My father used to work in the clubs and I’d find myself behind him listening to the sound checks from an early age at 7-8 years old. I listened to a lot of music but I still remember the track that made me feel in love with the music, it was ‘’Eifel 69 – I’m blue’’ at my 10th birthday. It was 1999, from there I started collecting cassette tapes. I feel really lucky because I got inside a lot of years of music and this helped me during my ‘’short career’’ to become influenced by a so much music. I think that my eclectic taste comes from this!

I got involved with the electronic panorama when I moved to Italy in 2004. I was working as promoter for some school parties and I occasionally tried to put on some records for just 10-15 friends of mine. They felt in love with my music taste but not so much with my DJ skills (laughs.)

You currently DJ at one of the most famous beach-clubs in Ibiza, what does it mean for you to perform at Blue Marlin?

KG-Yes right now i’m a regular guest at Blue Marlin Ibiza, is def. one of the most amazing things that happened until now in my whole life, i’m so honored and happy, is an amazing and ra nated place, i think that here i can learn really a lot and i can grow up artistically day per day! And i really love this place it transmits the perfect wave of ibiza, great music sun palms & sea.

Do you identify with any other DJs?

KG-I don’t really have someone in my mind right now, i’m trying to bè a bit original and to do something different, if not i will bè just a bad copy of someone else.

How would you de ne your style?

KG-I think that my style is really particular on my productions & as well on the oor , immaginate a track that can make you move with it’s groove and it can hypnotize you with some sexy vocals and a trippy synth!

Do you change, DJing during the day or the night?

KG-Yes i de nitely change my set by the day & by the night , i love to keep the vibrations on, and every single place by the day or by the night give you different one, i try always to feel everything around me to get inspired on what to play on that moment.

What are your future plans as a DJ?

KG-I don’t have plans for now , i’m already living the dream… and i think that if you work hard and you keep your feets on the ground you can do everything in this world!

Also this is my life (music) i can’t do really without it , i will keep evolving and doing my own thing and i will give a great welcome to the good & the bad things that could happen in this crazy world.

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