Interview: Stefano Noferinni

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Stefano, most of the clubbers know you for Deeperfect. How this label was born? How many years did the staging of Deeperfect take you?

SN: Deeperfect was born 15 years ago as an independent label, however has lead the music industry turning into the reference label in 2006. So, it has taken 5 years.

What about the life of Stefano Noferini before Deeperfect?

SN: I have been in the production world well before Deeperfect. By the end of the nineties, I already produced for a label in Roma called CV. I have always been part of that group of “Dj that are also producers”. As a Deejay I was quite spinning in the best clubs of Italy and also starting with international events. But, first of all, I was a good clubber.

About those years you were talking about, those days where things have considerably changed. We have many young artists as readers. According with your experience, what key piece of advice would you give to them to achieve success in the music world? Pieces of advice about music production as well as personal.

SN: nowadays, the stage is full of a rich diversity of young artists. Through Deeperfect we launched quite a few new talents. Some will establish themselves in the industry, others will not. Not every deejay is a good producer. What I’m recommending is: try to set up strong basis, listen to any type of music, build your own style and have good attitude. Do not attempt to emulate other artists, be yourself, express yourself and listen to your heart.

We could have met you during the most important dates of the year, ADE, BPM, OFF-WEEK, MWM, apart from organized parties. Why are these dates so important? Are they useful for the industry?

SN: My experience proved that theses conferences as events are important for the industry. They set the path for the future of the industry. Deeperfect as well as me, we were and we are part of these significant conferences. Electronic music industry draws all together in one city and gives us the possibility to discover new trends, new artists, new people. Festivals as BPM or Sonar are favourable for people and events. For example, ADE is a perfect opportunity to exchange ideas and heard about new trends.

If you are thinking about one only date of the year, what do you prefer?

SN: Each event has something different and interesting, but if I have to choose one though, it would be BPM.

Where should you be here in Ibiza? Do you remember the first time here? How was it?

SN: Yes, of course. The first time spinning here in Ibiza was in the late nineties in Amnesia, for an event organized by Stefano Barro for a famous Italian label at that time.  The experience was amazing and positive. I have already been to Ibiza as tourist, but deejaying here is totally different, and it makes me happy. The second time was in an event called “Salvation” in El Divino.

What are the main differences from the first time compared to now?

SN: I think Ibiza has not changed significantly during these last 10 years. It has been changing more during the lasts 20, where you can see the difference. But I think as not as people mention. As before, Ibiza is still the clubbing groundzero. Fashion fades and changes. This island simply follows new trends. In either case, Ibiza is unique and wonderful, capable of the best and the worst. Why the worst? Because our clubbing world is less and less underground and more business.

Ibiza is an island of many contrasts… What was your best experience or your best moment? And of course, we would like to know your worst remember or the greatest disappointment.

SN: Honestly, I have never had bad experiences or difficulties here in Ibiza, apart from cancelled flights or booking hotel mistakes. It says that Ibiza has a special vibe and I agree. I feel that energy that makes you more relaxed, free from stress. I have experienced fantastic moments here in Ibiza. One of the best ones, surely, was deejaying in Space when it was still an after hour. It was an historic occasion in my life and I remember I thought “I’m really happy to be here, this is the place where I want to be”.

Let’s cross the ocean, till United States, Ecuador, Argentina or Colombia.  What’s the secret of your success there?

SN: Countries as Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru or Colombia are important to me. People follow music through a special passion, apart from the excellent moment for music and industry that these countries are living. They are growing quite a lot. Fortunately, these Latin America countries appreciate me, we hardly work together, so things are going well there. People follow music and its essence above promoters, agencies, etc. They fell free when they listen to music.

They say that in some of these countries the essence of living music can be really noted, as here before. What’s the difference with Europe events for you?

SN: There is no difference between Latin America or Ibiza 20 years ago. People only follow the music force and they love dancing. About Europe, the number of electronic music followers is nowadays less than Latin America.

What about Spain? What about your experience here? How does Stefano feel playing here?

SN: I know it sounds as a cliché, but I love deejaying in Spain. This is a latin country, as Italy, and its culture and music knowledge is very high compared with other places. I have a good feeling and good vibes with people here. There is a quite palpable mutual exchange of emotions between people and me.

Our last question. Before a producer sends a track to a label, what’s your recommendation?

SN: First of all I recommend to don’t send a 20 tracks pack. Only 2 or 3. Sending a big pack of tracks each week is not a good idea. Music needs time. Another important thing: before sending a track, try it on the dance floor!

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