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-Hi Manu, I’m very glad to interview you,  close the imminent 6th anniversary since you gave yourself the artistic name of UNER. What has this step meant for your career started with the launch in Dynamic, Solomun’s label?

UNER– It was the beginning of a “new life”. It was a global change for my mental, professional and lifestyle status, not only for the music, but the life in general. I previously saw myself stuck, focused on things without any sense, wasting energies and time in things that didn’t give me any benefit. So, my decision to break through and investing all my energies in something I liked, what I wanted to do in each instant, which filled me and made me smile, it was the best decision of my life. After all, the merit of our decision to approach Dynamic when this label was not widely knows helping from the beginning, allowed everything to flow well. And the rest is already history.

-What do you consider to be the key to success that pushed you onto international recognition in such a short period of time?

UNER– I don’t think it’s a question of only one specific element, but a set of work, made by myself and the team working with me, thanks to the respect and love of what we do. We work extra hours if needed, trying to have an healthy and respectful relation with the stage. We don’t want to focus on most people do as it’s a waste of time and energy. We concentrate only on what we want to do and where we want to go.

We define short and precise targets, so we always progress. In my opinion, thanks to this set of facts , we continue riding with more strength than ever.

-Which is your best conquest that makes you so proud during these 6 years as UNER?

U– These last years were full of milestones, as we achieved in Ibiza, the discos, job in festivals, etc. But If I really need to mention one, my favorite is the Laurent Garnier remix. I think he is a reference among artists of the club stage, respected and adored by almost everyone. As musician, working in a remix of El Maestro it was one of the best conquest that made me so proud.

-From my point of view, another conquest is working side by side with one of the most important of the stage as Technasia. Tell me about this show done together.

U– My collaboration with Technasia started as all we do, in a natural way and this is the way we work, without pretensions, doing what we like. This idea began more than a year later in Miami, as we did a b2b spontaneously and from then ideas were beginning to emerge.  The best thing is that we have a different careers and we are independent artists. We have only a professional relationship thanks to the love for music, so all it’s easier and comfortable. We do what we like when we want and this keeps the “flame of passion” alighted.

-Of course, before your jump as UNER, you were in the booth for several years launching great productions under other nick name, apart from managing your own label. What can you tell us about these first years of your career?

U– My first years of career (for a total amount of 14, before UNER appeared) have been my training of what we do nowadays. These years made me aware of who I am, where I met the people that I know, I learnt what is an effort, what pushed me away from the ego, the years that showed me what not to do. Years full of correction and mistakes that helped me to be where I am. I’m very proud of what I did and all my mistakes and if I had the change to repeat my life, I would do the same errors that made me how I am personally and professionally. It was a great time for me, as I shared it with all the people crossing my way, also with my parents that travelled with me, above all at the beginning. When I look back and listen what I did, I smile.

I am always proud of “Real Dream”, of “Lin Michel”, of “Groove Garcia”… What else can I ask for.

-I can image that you still have a few projects to develop and still many goals to be achieved. I have heard about a new project for a label. Let’s talk about it.

U– Yes, of course. It’s a project I would like to develop from zero, together with my manager and my friend Alex Montoya that advices and helps me daily about everything, personally and professionally.  It’s a project that will start after the summer , if all goes well. Now we are closing the firsts release of the label, that will define the line of music and its personality. When all will be more clear, we can tell you more about it. What I can assure you is that we are looking forward to  coming out, to see and help new artists, making good music, always done with all our heart.

-A live with an orquesta is one of the big projects that strikes us. Can you explain it and how this project started?

U– The project, as all the things, started in a natural way, thanks to share sensations in different events. Above all thanks to our step in FIB last year where generated the interest of going back to live, as years ago. But in a different way: with a music band. We did various special events with some musical friends. But now we have  all the artist team completed, so we can start working to the launching of the album in a quite original way and done thinking about the Live. We will present the entire team soon! We look forward to working all together!

-As we come from Ibiza, we would like to know what’s the best for you in our beloved island.Tell us about the locations that you think make the island so special.

U– The magic of the island, but the truth is is not the same for the people that live here for a year and think that invented it, LoL. I’m not from Ibiza, I have never lived here and I think I will never moved from my home town of Lleida. But I can assure that it has stolen my heart from the first day I was here, years ago. I’m not just talking about music, but also about people, climate, cuisine, energies and magic… this place inspires in a professional and spiritual way and I owe a lot of joys and unbelievable moments to this island . Each year , my visit to Es Vedrá should not to be missed.I ask nothing from this place , only to thank it and tell about what happens to me.

This year, this visit will be different as there is a person that is not here yet and I will ask to take good care. But I think there is an immense connection and so feeling.

-What does this summer 2015 have in store for you in Ibiza?

U-Lot of work, music , new and old friends, magic, passion and love, that are the most important things. We will share our time among the ants in Ushuaia, Revoluciones in Space, sunsets in Blue Marlin, Reverses in Sanseis and Paradises in DC-10. A very special and intense year for us. We are sure that this summer will be magic (and has already been).

-Finally, tell us about a dream you have about the music electronic stage for the next years.

U– I only hope that all people have what they deserve to have, in every sense. It’s the best thing that the life gives us. Thanks to this, the stage will be more and more real, more genuine and more clear. I was reading the other day a comment: “more on this and less on the other” so, Amen.

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