Interview with Ángel Linde

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“we were never angels”

Angel Linde is “the whole life” playing at Ibiza. WE ARE brings you the history about this pure Ibiza’s deejay, regular resident at Pacha.

How did you start your career in Ibiza’s music scene?

I started playing at 17 years old at Es Paradis, in 1998. I passed by Trox, a famous place in San Antonio. It was the period when everybody used to party from Ibiza to San Antonio. I also played in the Playboy 2, disco runned by Space owner. I finally in 1999 started working at Pacha. When I played in San Antonio there was very good music, I enjoyed it. Nowadays, tourism there has quite changed since 2002.

How did the residence at Pacha happen?

I still was playing at Playboy and Reche, who was resident at Cenit, the small Pacha’s room, now called Global Room, came to me. He proposed me to make the warm up. It was the 1999. First day I had to do the trial sesión and the former resident didn’t come. I had to play during 8 hours. They were happy with my work and I am still at the same place.

What has your style evolution been during these almost 15 years?

I came to Pacha within San Antonio’s style. At Pacha the style was totally different. I was lucky because there were Pipi and Haban and they helped me not to change my style in a total way, but they helped me to adapt my style to Pacha’s one. At the beginning I used to play tech house, stronger, track style, as it was in San Antonio. When I arrived to Pacha I played a more serious house. I continued as resident at Cenit, working everyday. Even there were some days that the big room was closed and the small one was still open until 8am. Next year I started, little by little, to enter in the big room. In 2000 I began to play in parties as Made in Italy and other parties.

Which of the deejays has influenced you?

I like Sasha a lot. But when I started at Pacha, as it was more house, every deejays that was coming I liked their style.

How have you started your summer?

I am playing at Underground some Saturdays. At Pacha I have a complete week: On Tuesdays Flower Power party, Wednesdays Funky Row, Fridays Insane and Sundays I play the warm up of Solomun. I enjoy a lot playing at Pacha because I have to work in the big room during the nights they have music similar to my style and I am very happy. I am working so many years here and I try to play what everybody does not play. For example, for Solomun I try to adapt the warm up. He is a guy who plays very special music and I try to do not play the same to not being more than him. I play more calm house, at 120bmp. I do not increase more than that.

Public that comes to Pacha is very grateful and the dance everything. It is not necessary to play any commercial music, an atmosphere is created. Solomun for Pacha is the perfect party. People from different countries come, there is cultures mix. I believe we will have a strong season. I think there is more people than ever.

What do you think about Ibiza’s evolution in the last years about the commercialization of Ibiza’s music?

It is not necessary to have such commercialization. We are talking about music which is ready and everything is done. The difference is that a commercial deejay cannot play more than 3 hours. I understand that Ibiza has to host every style, as David Guetta that is very successful. They have their show. People looks forward to see the show. That is what is demanded by the market right now. There is music for every kind of musical likes. I recognise that I do not like it. But if I think as a company manager, I recognise that if this deejays fills the disco, it means it is important.

What can you tell us about the underground scene in the island?

I love it. I am a total Underground follower. I play there some time. It is the best place in Ibiza. The underground scene has changed a lot. It is now a more reduced group, it is more complicated. There are special places and people goes there to listen different music. You see their reactions and you enjoy it. But just in some specific places. But at the warm ups at Solomun party I enjoy a lot as well. The underground means more hours of work. I can play even 5 hours. At the warm up I play about 2 hours.

Have you ever done any production work?

I feel more as deejay than as producer, even if I am working on it I have no time on summer. On winter we have an interesting project and we will see if it can be developed. I know it is important to have productions but I love playing. About the marks, I like Istgood, there are some vinyl marks as Cabaret or Arpiar and even more

How would you define your style?

I adapt myself to the current style but my own one is House. It has always been house even if I started with the old progressive in San Antonio. Now it is more serious. There are also older tracks, from the 1998, that people do not know.

About old tracks, which one could you headline?

Throw by Carl Klei, 1998.

During the winter…

I continue as resident for Pacha on Fridays and Saturdays. I also do other sessions that arrive out of the island. For example, I was last winter in Cosmos disco at Sevilla, Ohú in Cadiz and also in the Caesar Palace at Lyon, France. I have also a monthly residence with Pacha at Nino, in Budapest. I always go to play my own style.

From Ibiza you recommend…

S’Espartar restaurant, you can eat a very good bullit de peix (typical fish dish of Ibiza). I like Northern beaches. They are very quiet; there are not so many people in the North of Ibiza.

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