Interview with BAREM

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He is one of the young DJ with a consolidated career. He didn’t took so many years to put a feet in the minimal scenery. This Argentinean boy is playing since 2003. Like all artists, he started working with a musical instrument, in his case, a guitar. M_nus, one of the most important electronic music mark call to his door and for this reason, and for his style, he is now in Ibiza sharing his wrapping and hypnotic sound.

-Which of the places you have been this year could you headline?

Every year I start working in South America, from January I am there ‘cause it is summer. I have been in Chile, Brazil, etc. I have also been in Australia, in Sydney and Melbourne. These cities are not so much different to the cities we have here but I noted that they are just starting to move the electronic music: They have small groups sharing this kind of music, also a few festival of electronic take place there. Electronic music’s clubs are just a few ones.

-You are a young DJ who has a long career. How did you start producing electronic music?

I started just playing. I was 17 years old. I used to go out and I liked the music. I found a free software to learn producing my music. Then I started to play and I got new and serious software. My first session was when I was 20 and my first tour was when I was 21 or 22, I went to United States.

-Who the artist that has been your inspiration?

Josh Wink was the artist I liked it by far. Thanks to him I discovered Richie Hawtin, Ricardo, Luciano…

-We know you work with M_nus, next to famous electronic DJs. Do you think work with this brand has given you more opportunities?

I was producing similar music. I met Richie and I got in the brand thanks to him. Work with M_nus gave me more opportunities even if I was already working another brand, FoundSound with Someone Else.

-Tell us about the beginning of your career with M_nus.

Actually it was a casualty. My first record was out in 2005. Two months later Richie came to Buenos Aires and I went see his show. It was a surprise when suddenly he played one of my tracks. It was strange and a surprise at the same time. It is funny, I was not going to that festival….So, he told me he loved my track and after two or three days he emailed me asking for one of my demos.

-Sometimes you share line up with Richie Hawtin. What do you think about him?

I have learned a lot thanks to him: About how to manage the track, how to use effects, dynamic, track levels, pauses, I learned about how not to hurry up. My first time sharing line up with Richie was 2006. We have travelled a lot together. He is a good person, very intelligent and cultured.

-Enter is one of the best parties we can find in Ibiza. How do you feel playing in Enter?

Enter is something else from what was here in Ibiza. This time we play with other Dj´s and it is a good party. Before it looked like it was a closed group, but now is open to more people. We didn’t know how was going to work. People said it was dark but actually it worked very well and it is being consolidated. The esthetic and the parties are original. There are many friends’ dj´s and it is well organized. Space is an organized club. You can feel safe and calm.

-Have you been around Ibiza’s parties?

Now I use to go out a little bit less, because when I come here I play and then I prefer to go away, to relax and I stay just a few more days. I use to go to the North of Ibiza. Then I went to some parties: I liked Pacha’s parties “Vagabundos”, it was really fun. I also went to Cocoon and Ushuaïa.

-What about the future of Barem?

Now I have already pulled out the mix and next step is to do the same with the LP. I will start working in another LP more “deep style”, like after party music. Maybe I will go on tour around the South East of Asia; it will be my first time playing there. There are some places like Corea, China or Malasia that are growing. We will see if these can work out. In Ibiza I will be playing in Enter and also in Ushuaia next to Luciano.

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