Interview with Roberto Riesgo & Steeve Valverde

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Roberto Riesgo y Steeve Valverde

What do the French Caribbean and Asturias have in common?And the most important thing, what do they do in Ibiza?

Two names, two men: Roberto Riesgo and Steeve Valverde.

These two DJs come from different cultures but the magic island of Ibiza has connected two talents of the electronic music.

We may tell you the story from the beginning:

Robert Riesgo, a music lover, left his native Asturias to follow a dream: to be a DJ. He arrived to Ibiza 5 years ago to get down of the Atlantic atmosphere. He landed at Ibiza for being considered “a landmark.” Feel the emotion of being in the cabin was his goal even if he had to start almost from zero. Es Paradis opened him the doors as security staff, where he met Steeve Valverde, a DJ born in Paris and oroginal from the French Caribbean with nearly 18 years in the music’s world and a long list of international works and 8 year as resident in Es Paradis.

From that first meeting, hard work and effort are basic concepts on their philosophy. Steeve has been like a mentor for Roberto. Constancy and the desire to get his goal – Roberto uses to say he “was a pain in the neck” – nut he just wanted to learn to deejay. Now he has got his purpose. “Steeve was my teacher. He motives me to reason out and he is helping me to reach my life’s dream. I am very grateful to him”, Roberto continues. Steeve tells that Roberto said him he wanted to deejay and get into music world. “I told him if he dedicates 100% of his efforts on it, he could achieve it”.

This is an advice that Roberto has embraces because “in one or two years Roberto has got to get its foot in Ibiza and I am really proud of it. He has put all his efforts and goodwill”. He is hard worker and fighter”, Steeve tells in detail. All those hours working on dreams has deserved a prize. First of all, the big friendship that unites Roberto and Steeve. They have become very good mates: Anywhere they appear they transmit lot of energy and warmness, but especially modesty. Next to other DJ mates, both participate in Ibichic. This is a collective project based on cooperation between DJs. All kind of people can get inside: Well-known DJs or even those who are just starting to play music. Its objective is to unite different ways of understand the music but always sharing the essence or spirit of Ibiza.

Steeve remembers that the Ibiza’s spirit means to enjoy the music and the island, to have charming holidays next to friends: “We try to pass on this culture through our music”. Roberto adds that music is an ingredient to satisfy our soul: “Music is at the end a business, but from my point of view I feel personally satisfied when I am playing and I see how people forget their problems during the session”.

Their particular style has been exported to so far places like Goa, in India, thanks to Ibichic. To get an idea about what means for the Indian public that experience, we should add something about Goa’s culture: R&S tell us that Goa is the place where the Indian version of Trance music was born. “The majority of the natives just knowthis music style and the international commercial electronic music, so they love all new styles that arrive there”. Party Culture in India is not just different talking about music. “In Ibiza people come with a prejudice about what we have here, but in Goa people is not so fan of disco parties. Life’s style is so diverse. It is not a touristic place. Poverty is still a life’s style”, they remember. The experience in Goa was so positive that they honored Indian people with a free beach party to thank them for the good welcome: “At the end there were around 2.000 people partying that night”.

More than India, Roberto and Steeve have new projects: Next goal is to promote their music and the Ibichic project in Latin-America. Since 1 year and a half ago they collaborate in the radio show Dj Time Club Radio Mexico. It is a non lucrative project that aims to give visibility to new DJs in this part of the American continent. Thanks to this initiative, networking and a good job they are going to start new adventures in South America. It will be next year, around January or February. Steeve Valverde and Roberto Riesgo will continue moving forward together Electronic Music’s World.THEY

Roberto and Steeve invite us to get out from the crowded touristic places of Ibiza to meet up the essentials: nature and tradition. Where? They recommend two places maybe famous nowadays. Anyway, these spaces continue to be part of the Ibiza’s power.

First we start hiking to the highest point of the island: It is the peak of Sa Talaia. It is located 475 metres above the sea level in the town of San José. We can go up passing by the typical rustic houses and savin’s forests in nearly 2 hours. Though Steeve knows very well how to get there by car.

Finished our trip to the Ibiza’s sky there is a fantastic place to get some energy: Sa Torre Hostel and Restaurant. It is located very close to San Antonio., next to Cap Negret bay window. It seems a postcard: surrounded of nature, you can feel the roots of the island: the rustic style of the complex and excellent traditional gastronomy. Its terrace offers a panoramic view: Roberto concludes that “it is the best sunset view in Ibiza”.


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