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-UNER was born five years ago. What assessment do you have of this five-year period? What was there before UNER? What do you think is the difference between then and now?

-If I had to summarise these five years, I would say that we have exceeded expectations. I don’t think I would have expected this even in my wildest dreams. Yet we have always been prepared to meet any challenge and every day is a new one

Before UNER, there was someone too blinded by the coloured lights and the desire to succeed. For years, by doing what I thought I should do instead of doing what I wanted to do, I was wasting time on regret without finding the right path. That’s the big difference between then and now: Before, I thought about what I should do, now do what I want all the time, just enjoying the music of life, which is ultimately the most important thing.

-UNER, you have always been very closely associated with Ibiza, from your first date with Carl Cox four years ago up until your residence in Ants Ushuaia. What does Ibiza mean to you? What is your relationship with the island?

-Ibiza represents much of the path we have followed these 5 years. The last 3 years especially have shown a lot for my career, thanks to being in the best clubs with the best colleagues and having found my place on the island. The island is a magical place that accepts you or rejects you and my relationship with it is absolute love and adoration. It takes care of me as I care for it, with great respect and with an indescribable passion. It is a relationship of true love.

-Tell us more about your relationship with Carl Cox. How do you remember your first contact with him and his team? What did that moment mean to you?

-I clearly remember the first time they contacted us to play at their parties. It was five years ago and I had started opening the Sunset at Space at 9 pm, just before Carl took the stage. To me, it was something wonderful. It was the first time for me, playing on the island. So you can imagine how I felt in those moments when I found myself there with this artist and this absolutely incredible team. I have learned a lot from them, especially on a personal level. I have grown a lot as a person and 5 years on, I’m still doing it and I still play for them every summer. This has been very special since I could be in the opening next to Carl and Tenaglia… If you had told me that 5 years ago, I would have laughed!

But anything can happen with Carl, because above all, respecting the artists and valuing their work is the best way to thank us for what we do. Both he and his team will have my respect for life.

-Despite having played in various clubs on the island, it was when you started DJing in Ushuaia that your popularity on the island increased exponentially. Why do you think this is? What happens in that club that does not happen in others?

-Ushuaia is designed as a festival main stage, brought to the island. Besides being the party with everything, it’s special because it is involved and is one of the brands that is investing more in promoting the artists. I started playing at parties like de luciano’s nights, doing closing sets, and I was finally linked to them in Ants. It is a very professional team and they take care of us a lot, as well as letting us actively participate in everything.

-How is your season in Ibiza going? What can you tell us about your residence in Ants?

-It feels magical!

-Every year is better but this year is exceptionally amazing. We have now settled on the island. We have a whole team working here, friends, new acquaintances, we know how the energy works here and we love each other. When you find this teamwork, everything becomes something very special and makes each session unique. And we enjoy it.

In addition, working with an ant colony makes everything much larger still. It is a team of music lovers without any kind of prejudice, and every time we get together, both on the small stage and the big one, something special always happens and the energy flows in a unique way. I love being there and I love the people who are with us enjoying the music, above all.

-What places do you usually frequent on the island? Where can we find you outside a club?

-I like to go for a walk or find a cove with special charm, go eat at good restaurants like Lips, and spend lots of time with my friends, wherever it is. Actually, when you are in good company you don’t care where it is. Although I love the quiet. And of course, there are no shortage of my visits to Es Vedra. It’s my way of saying thanks for all that the island gives me.

-You’re a self-made artist, without outside help, without sponsorship. Is this the hard way? Have you achieved all your goals? Anything else to achieve?

-It’s really hard sometimes. It is not easy travelling the road alone. But it really is very rewarding. And loneliness is relative, because in my case I have an excellent team who love me and care for me like no-one else. Alex Montoya has gone from being my manager to being my brother, my friend, my confidant and one of the people who loves and cares for me the most. And of course, all this is mutual. This way, all the big moments are even bigger and the hard ones are simply anecdotes. With all the other people (David, Javier, Miguel, etc. etc. …) everything is much more fun.

Our main objective is to grow and develop together. For me, it’s to be an artist without labels and to do it what I really want and feel at all times. But I’m not branding myself with great goals… You know that disappointments are inversely proportional to expectations so the only thing I hope for is to live life to the full and unconditionally.

-You’ve worked with signature artists such as Luciano, Solomun, Sven Väth… How do you get to produce for these establishments? What is your relationship with them?

-Well everything has been really fun in truth. The relationship with both Solomun and Luciano began by email, as with almost all the places where I worked. And I’ve always had positive responses. They are also fun people and you have a great time with them:

In particular, we have been working with Solomun and his team for four years, so we know each other well. With Sven it was funnier, since I met him at the door of Amnesia and said I wanted something for Cocoon, and so I did: I worked on something and from that came our first collaboration. In reality, almost all big artists are great people!

-A few months ago you produced your debut album, “432”. What can you tell us about it? What’s it like to create an LP? Was the creative process hard?

-It has been one of the best experiences of my life as a musician. Working on an album allows you to develop your musicality in a different way to performing. You have no need to like it… It’s just a journey and a process in which you try to explain your feelings, as you are inside, how you feel. I worked on the album in many different parts of the world because I wanted to see how my year had been emotionally and I think I did a good job. Its development has been incredible, both in promotion and the 3-month tour that took us all over the world. And the creative process has taught me a lot as an artist and helped me to find points of inspiration that I did not know I had. It has been very rewarding both professionally and personally, especially through the artists with whom I have worked and the professionals with whom I have shared this process.

-What are your plans for the rest of 2014?

-I will continue to work on the island during the summer. Apart from the tours of Europe and festivals, I’m working on new studio material and preparing for a new period of big tours in North and South America, and of course, Europe. Still, I don’t like thinking a lot about the distant future, so we will take it slowly and enjoying every step to the max!

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