Interview: Wally Lopez

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Oscar Mulero was one of the first Djs that got me to be a Dj.”

We know much about you, but maybe not much about your past. What do you remember?

WL – I liked  bands as Depeche Mode, The Cure since childhood as my aunts used to listen to that music. I come from a humble neighborhood of Madrid (San Blas) and I started as public relation during the afternoons when I was 13 years old. Little by little I started to play in a disco called Nacional, one of the best ones of that years, together with a little radio show. That same disco is now called La Malvarrosa on 92 or 93. The owner became the partner of Alex from Radikal starting to play the music of “ruta del Bakalao”… The disco changed the name to Overdrive and I could meet artists as Oscar Mulero. I felt in love with his way of playing. I could spend whole nights listening to him. At that time, his style was different. I I would describe it as Trance-Underground, and he got me to be a Dj.

Who is the first Dj that got you to be a Dj?

WL – I think is Oscar Mulero. In Madrid he is like a religion. At that time we didn’t have internet, so you didn’t have any idea of who was who, but it was incredible how in Madrid everybody was talking about Oscar and how they admired him. To be honest, I learnt a lot from Oscar and from Ike, from both. They started in Omen at 12h till the end, they were residents with a capital R, which has lost. We try to bring it back this summer with Heart, and the night would have the same musical harmony. The residence essence has to come back.

Let’s move to the moment where Wally is a professional artist. Who is the first person that says to you “Wally, you will go far”?

WL – I think that the first person was me! From a very early age I have been crazy about growing to leave my neighborhood, struck by drugs on those years, despite of my good family environment with my parents as good workers. I wanted to work and that everything in life run well. I trust myself, and I always used to believe I would be different. Now everything seems easy, but during those years was not the case.

What was the worst moment? That moment where you thought it was too complicated.

WL – Until recently if you asked me this question I answered you “never”, but I had a bad moment 2 years ago, where I was thinking about many things, where I was thinking to leave if I didn’t enjoy with what I was doing. I rocked bottom 2 years ago, and I had to find myself again. My fault was to try to please everyone, and this is a complete failure. You don’t have to please everybody, you have to like yourself. The energy is the key, so people realize what you transmit. I decided to like myself back so people liked me back! Many things have happened and help you to find yourself.

What’s boring for you, Wally?

WL – Do nothing. I have a restless mind, I love creating the whole day. I love traveling, working. When I have a free weekend, I get bored. I have not a profession, a career. This is my life, I’m thinking all the day (laughing).. Nowadays everything is consumed quickly, and you have to do new things everyday, you have to reinvent yourself.

We see you changing unexpectedly, for example from Máxima to Europa FM. Do you like changing so much?

WL – Many people thing that the change from Máxima to Europa was prepared, but it’s not the case. Things go as I said you before. If something bores me, I prefer to stop doing. So I realized that I didn’t like La Factoría anymore and there is no way to change it. They didn’t have the idea to change something that was working and I got boring. So I decided to leave La Factoría and the radio as I saw things I didn’t like. After two months Europa Fm called me. Despite of being sure to say no, they convinced me quickly as I could do what I know. There is no need to be overwhelmed.

This motivated me to return to the radio, and I’m happy that I made this decision. As my start with Oscar Mulero, this year names as Maceo Plex, Tale of Us appeared and that’s very encouraging for me, as this kind of music is perfect for Insomnia.

My fault was to try to please everyone and this is a complete failure”


This 2017 you have residence in Ibiza once again. How can a residence influence a Dj career?

WL – On one side, yes it influence, at the same time it doesn’t. From the first time I came here, it was clear that I wanted to stay here. Seeing all the  big billboards with Djs pictures, the airport full of Djs coming.. this is the paradise! When I wasn’t feeling well with coincided with the period when I was playing in Blue Marlin, and I was not comfortable there, neither them with me. Public was different and that moment was very hard as Ibiza became an obligation. I thought that it was not a problem playing elsewhere than Ibiza as I have a house here and my booth and I can play at home. I didn’t want to go on with something I didn’t like. So I decided, once coming back Ibiza, going on with this residence in Heart as last year.This is the place where I want to retire, I feel half Ibizan. During the very last year of Space, one of your residences, Heart appeared in your career.

What’s its contribution?

WL – First of all, cooking and restaurants are one of my passion, and I know Adría brohers. I thought it was  an interesting  project  from the first momento. I think Heart is magical. I remember when they said to me that this is not the real Ibiza, but Ibiza nowadays is not as in the past. Not everything has to be White. Everything needs to change. Heart is amazing. What do people find in Heartbeat, your new residence in Ibiza?WL – They will find the modern and the old Ibiza. I’ve been here for 20 years and I could see the musical evolution of Ibiza. The sound is great as they reinforced, and Heart is an artistic club contributing more. People can enjoy without any debt collection . Then there is the incredible restaurant.

When you can find space in your agenda, What party do you like going?

WL – This year I will go to Circoloco each Monday. I went years ago with Steve Lazler and I enjoyed a lot. I came back last year and I would like to repeat. I love the terrace, listening to music, meeting people. I also would be interested to know Woomoon, also Heart on Sunday and I would like to meet Eric Prydz. Also Ants on Saturdays… my agenda is getting full (laughs)Who are the 3 most important artists for you in Ibiza?WL – Dj Pippi, together with Cesar del Rio and Cesar de Melero. Erick Morillo and Carl Cox.

Thank you Wally!


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