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We are not a formula: We are free style based on clear criteria”

Music is the essential; the other has a supporting role”

It is one of the most listened radios in the world among the general radio station top list. Ibiza Global Radiois On Air for about 10 years and the network has a clear goal: “To express the pure Balearic sound. The essencethat characters the Ibizan culture”. Actually it is a casual, free and smooth sound, according to Miguel Garji,one of main artists of the station.

WE ARE visited last month the new studios. The radio recently moved to Poligono Es Raspallar, just a few kilometres away from Ibiza city centre. Following the island rhythm, the atmosphere in these installations is so natural as it is everyday. At the same time, the ambience is so different from we can imagine as a Radio Studio.

Deep Fusion 124bmp starts. Miguel Garji leaves for just a moment the control machine to talk about the beginning of Ibiza Global Radio. The station was born almost a decade as a demand to offer during the season the local electronic music but for broadcasting the whole year round a non commercial style. During the first years, thanks to the management of Joan Tur who is the “father” of Ibiza Global Radio, continues telling Garji, the station began to form its current shape as Reference Station.

How can it be the #1 Electronic Music Media? In the words of Miguel Garji, “the Radio offers a completely different product comparing to the products other conventional radios offer, a different programme from the conventional formulas that were following the exigencies of the Mass. We tried to distance from that in order to present something that maybe was still pending, something we thought it was quality music. This was the exigency: A Deeper sound, more Techouse, more House but always out of the commercial and conventional styles”.

We are not a Formula. We are not marked by rules. We do not need to follow a director who orders us when it is time for Advertisement. We are free-minds, free style with a guideline. Music is the essential; the other has a supporting role. The announcer accompanies the music. We give information about the Station, about people who make Advertisement at Ibiza Global, the island events and all that is related to the Music. We give a quality product. This is evident as we are the #1 in the world on Electronic Music”.

No doubt for those words. Ibiza Global Radio is on the top. Audience figures speak only for theirselves in Spain and the European Union: “The number of listeners in Russia has grown a lot, in Italy, Rumania, Germany and by default they have grown in so many East Countries”. The support grows also in South America because “lot of people make Global their soundtrack in businesses, shops o they simply wake up in the morning listening our music. We respect all the timetables, we do not forget this issue when we make the schedule”, underlines Garji.

New studios might open new age of more successful events. During summer season the radio booths are constantly visited by guests. “Logically we host the important guests (the famous) because it is something scheduled. They always come. There are some forecasts about hosting some top deejays. Ibiza Global Radio is the Media to promote their parties in the discos. Particularly, the Ibiza Show Case is organized during the whole year round. We would like to have the possibility to have a fixed event or place but by the moment is itinerant. We plan to do it but now we do not care about it. We love to be a little bit nomads.




Miguel Garji’s show came out 7 years ago after the first contributions at Ibiza Global Radio, then the summer show called Amnesia Global Radio. In 2007 he started as announcer within a more personal space called Deep Fusion 124bpm: “It was a reflexion moment. I asked myself what was missing at Ibiza Global and what can I bring to it. I had to enter with something that complemented on the radio station. I am a deep lover. It is something that motivates and identifies myself. I play other styles as well. I like every related thing that is elegant like house or deep tech but it is always out of the commercial styles. I have always thought that this was missing on the Global schedule and I think I make a score. It was easy for me to make it on my style”.

The show is broadcasted twice per day: 12am and 6pm. Miguel Garji explains the variations among both: “In the morning sounds are more vocal, a relaxed style, according to the morning public. Something more Dub. In the afternoon I play sessions, live shows. The morning is used to play a music selection. In the afternoon I host some guests as Javi Viana, who is my production partner, and Alex Kentucky who has its own space within Deep Fusion 124bpm. I make a kind of warm up. Mondays is something I call deep fundo, a more underground sound. I try to vary the sessions, that’s why I call the show Deep Fusion. I am not limited to a marked style, I like to change styles. On Thursdays or Fridays I even can play deep tech. I always have been playing a correct bpm’s for Radio. Normally I do not use to play above 120-121bpm. Even if my show is called 124bpm, it is been years ago since I played 124bpm, of course on Radio. If I am playing in a big place I can arrive to the 124bpm”, he adds while some laughs want to escape from his mouth.

The space created by Garji is getting success but he does not want to give importance to the awards. In 2012 he won the national best electronic music show award by VICIOUS MAGAZINE. He remembers the prize event in his hometown, Madrid, and his beginnings on the electronic music. He started at Leganés discos but he soon understood that at the capital there was no place to someone who wanted to show its talent. “In the Nineties Madrid was pioneer and really good to on the so-called Club Culture. They made the difference. People used to assist to the events for listening the deejays. Now is something like a circus”. He refers to the massive electronic music and why the easiness of playing music has brought the Deejay profession to a music maelstrom: “Now there are methods that I do not share. This is a profession. In some ways we have been always demanding a professional part of the sector. Then there is another part of it within the show business”.

Miguel Garji is a truly lover of his profession: “I consider myself an artist. Deejay is a common word. If someone wants to learn, it must take a vinyl. You need to have a basic culture”. Like in other quality work, vocation is a must. Success arrives and Garji knows it: This year he has been chosen among the finalists for the International Dance Music Award: “Something good I must have. If it is a popular election, my recognition is for the listeners”. Miguel Garji ends this interview coming back to the control of Deep Fusion 124bpm. His hands, sense and passion contribute to Ibiza Global Radio achievements and position as lead radio station on Electronic Music. Furthermore, it is now one of the 20 best World Stations. There are no borders for the pure Balearic sound.

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