Victor Agüero: “The two sides of Ibiza”

By 12 August, 2015Uncategorized

Text: Victor Agüero

Ibiza is generally known worldwide for its commercial sound, because most of the top Dj´s around the world follow that kind of sound. It´s amazing for example how David Guetta, after 14 years on the decks of Pachá, is still able to make every single clubber on the main room take their phones out of their pockets just the second he get in the Dj booth, only to film that special moment.

And don´t get me wrong, I don´t like to criticize people who have achieved that kind of success, because is probably deserved in the first place. Besides, that Dj´s are responsible for make young people to get interested in electronic music, skipping some times to other more sophisticated styles later on.

On the other hand, there is another side in Ibiza, more exclusive and underground, where you can find and listen to several quality Dj´s dropping sensational underground electronic music. This last July I had the chance to enjoy a live set of Mathew Jonson at DC10, another one of Henrik Schwarz and also a set from the master Thomas Melchior, one of the members of Soul Capsule right on the beach with free entrance. Another great musical experience has been to listen to Daze Maxim, Jan Krueger or Point G at Circoloco. A Lola ED party at Blue Marlin with Greg Brockmann and Livio & Roby, and the great nights of Underground or Zoo Project, just to name a few.

The musical offer in the white island is huge, if you know where to go. This August you can listen to my deep and Balearic sounds at Guaraná Salinas, Jacaranda Lounge, Hotel Santos or Lips Reartes. And I´ll be dropping my underground side at 9Nine Ibiza, every Friday on Twice a new project with my mate Aday Chinea.

Additionally, this month we´ll start a podcast series here in We Are Ibiza Magazine, starting with myself dropping quality underground tracks. You´ll be able to listen it on my soundcloud, my fan page or the We Are Ibiza magazine website.

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